5/28/23 A Note From Pastor Ben

Friends and Family,

It’s been 25 years since I gave my heart to Jesus.

It was the summer of 1998, and people at that time were restless over Y2K— the computers were going to crash and world was coming to an end!

I was restless for another reason. I was becoming restless about life and death, heaven and hell, and eternity. It was never on my radar until Christmas Eve of my senior year in high school. I buried my grandfather in the morning and my friend David Hussey that afternoon. Up until then, I thought death was for old people. I thought I was invincible. I had never considered with great contemplation that I’m not going to have forever to accomplish what I’m here for. So I started asking, “What am I here for? What does it mean for me to not waste my life? How do I know I’m ready to face God?”

Shortly after I graduated from Enterprise High School, I sat in a pew at First Baptist Enterprise on a Wednesday night and I gave my heart to Christ.

Though I grew up in church and knew a lot about Christianity, I didn’t know Christ. Most all, I didn’t know the grace of God. I had very much bought into a works- based version of Christianity—if I’m good then God will accept me. But the Gospel is not about me being a good person, but rather Jesus being a great Savior. Grace is unmerited favor. Therefore, the Gospel is the good news that Jesus purchases for us favor with God—something we didn’t deserve and could never earn. This is the message that landed on my heart and has changed my life. This is the message that is moving our church to do great things for the Lord.

May we continue to embrace and preach and teach this message—the good news that Jesus paid it all. Who knows, there may be another restless teenager who's life and future is forever changed.

- Pastor Ben

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