6/11/23 A Note From Pastor Ben

Friends and Family,

VBS was amazing!  There were many hands and hearts that went into making VBS so awesome. I want to thank every student and adult who took time off from work or your busy summer schedule to serve the next generation.  I also want to thank Mrs. Cat and Zach and all the FBC staff for their passion, hard work, and energy they put into making this VBS so special.  

As you know, organizing and running a program like VBS is no small feat, and I was blown away by the dedication, kindness, and energy that all of you brought to the table. You were patient, kind, and supportive to every child, making them feel welcome and included, and creating a safe environment where they could learn and grow in the gospel.  The joy you brought to so many little hearts is just a small example of your deep commitment to serving Jesus—the One who said, “Let the little children come to me” (Matt, 19:14).

We averaged around 500 people each day between children, students, and adults. Throughout the week, we had many professions of faith.  Over the next few days and weeks, we will be methodically following up with each child who made a profession.  As I often say, we don’t want to merely be emotional, we want to be clear.  Therefore, we go to great lengths to meet with these children and their parents to walk through the basic contours of the gospel.  If you or your child have questions, feel free to call the church office and set up a meeting with a pastor or church leader. Additionally, there were children from families who don’t attend church, which created a great opportunity for outreach.  

Here is a list of the actual numbers:
• VBS Day 1: 290 kids and 198 Volunteers 
• VBS Day 2: 324 kids and 190 volunteers
• VBS Day 3: 300 kids and 183 volunteers

Total for all three days:
• 59 youth volunteers 
• 365 total kids registered 
• 202 adults registered

Perhaps the coolest thing we did is raise money for certain books of the Bible to be translated in India. We were able to raise $1,196.42, which was enough to translate 1, 2, and 3 John as well as Jude.  What an opportunity for our children to be a part of what God is doing in other nations!

Thanks again for such an awesome week!

- Pastor Ben

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